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Francis (FRAN) Bartlett

Chairman, Technical Systems Integration

Lieutenant, USN (Ret)

Fran Bartlett is the founder and Chairman of Technical Systems Integration Inc. In 1993 he started TSI so he could provide better training and technical documentation materials to all uniformed sailors of the U.S. Navy. Fran’s specialized experience in the Mine Warfare community was the key to leveling up the documentation, training, and support of this mission-critical area of national defense. Fran has more than fifty-four years of support to the U.S. Navy and his heart of service does not end here. 

Hailing from Falmouth, Maine just outside of Portland, Fran left college to enlist in the U.S. Navy sparking twenty-plus years of service for our great country. His Naval career was centered on aircraft and systems maintenance which he carried with him after retirement into defense contractor service. Within his career he was able to complete his BS in Math and Computer Science which complimented his technical capabilities. 

Fran insisted that TSI would always be an “honest broker” for the designers, builders, and users as a credible, unbiased source. TSI has successfully maintained that image for more than twenty-seven years. TSI was started with a simple goal and philosophy: always serve with the highest integrity and moral character while meeting the needs of the Navy. Shortly after TSI formed, Fran brought on four other individuals who shared his objective and values while complementing each other’s skills. As a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned company, TSI’s focus has always been supplying superior quality training products to the U.S. Navy.  

He lives in Chesapeake, VA with his wife Joyce. They have four adult children, eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Fran is a Deacon Emeritus and the Chairman of Trustees at his church. He serves on the Board of Directors and travels frequently for the House of Hope nonprofit building churches and feeding the needy children in Lima, Peru and other areas of the world. He also has been an active member of the Appalachian Trail Club and volunteers in the USAF Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol.